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A hexabot that will be part of the crowdfunding campaign, along with its making-of tutorial. I will do different types of simple robots and various props (guns, radar etc.) and they will all be included in the starter package during the crowdfunding. Next package will also contain a fully articulated robot-mannequin for fast character creation.



February 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

A couple of 5-10 minute tests, using hydraulics (1,2) and complex arrays (3). I am manually rotating one wing in (1), moving the sphere in (2) and scale-rotating a spike in (3).

Muscles and hydraulics III

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A 5 minute setup combining Hydraulics and Muscles in a hierarchic assembly.
BiTools (the tool that accommodates both hydraulics and muscles) can be assembled on top of each other creating complex mechanical systems.


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Muscles and hydraulics II

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Objects can now be added on the basic structure made of BiTools.
BiTools will accommodate hydraulics and muscles… The colorful cubes are just helpers.


January 27, 2016 § Leave a comment


  • Implemented new curve sculpting tools: Plane Cut, Plane Clip, Point Insert and Erase Component/Patch used in Tubes and Extruders.
  • Fixed a bug related to Groups, introduced by the implementation of Arrays (which are a special kind of Group). With this, butterflies, which are simple Groups, can again be manipulated as a whole (if “Groups” button is ON), or as separate wings (if “Groups” is OFF).



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