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I’ve been developing Neobarok full-time and on my own resources for the past two years. Now, in order to get a full license for the development environment, release new versions (including the Linux and Mac builds) and continue working on it for one more year, I will be asking for your help and I will launch a crowdfunding campaign. I am currently preparing the campaign and the rewards will include complex 3D models with full video tutorials, two magazines on the art and ideas behind Neobarok (see pictures below), and a few surprises !

Here is a very rough schedule for the next 2-3 months:

  • Crowdfunding (Indiegogo): April 12 – May 20
  • Free release for Windows, Linux & Mac (date and details will come along the way).



On a technical note:

  • The next release comes with two interfaces: you can start in basic mode with a simplified interface, and as your grasp of the software and your modeling needs increase switch to the complete interface.
  • I have updated the way GIF animations work inside the software, I will show some nice “holograms” in a short presentation video I am planning to release in the upcoming days.
  • I have added some snap-to-grid options when drawing, which makes it easier to create precise objects, with perpendicular lines or particular angles. There will be quite a few more things to increase precision (snap to object features, snap to angle etc.).
  • Almost finished integrating a simple version of all BiTools (hydraulics, lightning, muscles…), a few more will be added, as well as some editing options.
  • Started a PBR framework for a simpler and more realistic approach to materials and lightning – this will take some time, probably fully functional by the end of the year.
  • I have the basic layout for the next big thing in Neobarok (along with Assembly and Sculpt this will complete my initial concept of this software). I will reveal it when the time is right…

Future releases

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UPDATE 2016-01-22:

After a full month that started with Neobarok’s release and was followed by two updates, my limited Qt commercial license has expired (Qt is the environment in which Neobarok is being developed).

Since no updates can be posted online without a commercial license, I will now focus on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign aimed at purchasing a perpetual Qt license.

But things don’t stop here: in the meantime you can still freely download and use the beta version, new tutorials will be posted online, while I continue to work on Neobarok’s next release and show its progress !

The Linux and Mac native builds will have to wait, I will get back with information on how to run the Windows version on emulation under these OS.

Neobarok Beta 1.02

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UPDATE 2016-01-16:

GIF animations (real speed)
OBJ export
– add your own materials
– high resolution render
– perspective render
– improved menus

Neobarok beta for Windows

December 24, 2015 § 2 Comments

Neobarok (for Windows) is available for download here:
– unzip and click on neobarok.exe
– if you encounter issues read the README.txt file

In a few days I will post some in-depth tutorials on getting started and using Neobarok!

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