Bringer of light

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A model created in Neobarok using mostly drawing tools and very little sculpting.


Bevel, Array, symmetry

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Testing Bevel (left) against Scale Extrude (right) applied on all patches of a mesh.

bullet array

Arrays are now fully integrated in the workflow (complete editing and load/save).
Bullet sculpted as a Revoluton.

sym test symmetry

Symmetry is now implemented for sculpting meshes: 6-Rotation (up) and Mirror (down) – these are the same symmetries that were already functional for assembling objects.

ZBrush-like materials

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Mesh sculpt – optimizations

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Mesh sculpt – CAD tools

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When sculpting meshes you can Cut an object into parts, Erase, Move or Extrude the separate regions – (“industrial” CAD tools), or Deform & Smooth the surface (Clay tools). There will be plenty of tools to create contours, including freehand drawing. Contours serve to control the shape, the deformation, act as limits when painting with color, light, material. You can also apply tools on all patches simultaneously to create some surface structure.

First tests

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