Art & Crowdfunding !

April 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

Thank you all for the great response and support, 25 artworks are sold!


Crowdfunding rewards for Neobarok are partly based on some of my original art. I decided to post the art online in advance so that people who follow the development of the software or my art can choose their favorite before the campaign starts. This is a one-time-only event where every framed original artwork comes at a unique price of 150$ + worldwide shipping!
If you choose this art package (the Oneiromancer pack during the campaign), you will receive the following:

  • 1 x signed printed BOOK with artworks, ideas, techniques
  • 3D MODELS & TUTORIALS for a quick start in modeling with Neobarok
  • 1 x exclusive HD Wallpaper

For more details you can contact me here or at


The original artworks are listed below. They will be framed and ready for display. You can choose the one you want during the whole campaign (unless it is already marked as SOLD). Contact me for further details here or at :


A book with art and ideas is included! The book contains 100 pages with traditional and digital artworks, process and techniques into creating imaginary art, and the thoughts and insights that led to the development of Neobarok as a creative tool. Below is a sample from it:


The reward also contains several Neobarok 3D models and complete video tutorials for a quick start in using the software. Below is the fully poseable Humanoid, a base for fast character creation or a reference for artists! The final version will have a few modifications (neutral pose, normal feet, articulated neck…):




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