March 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

I’ve been developing Neobarok full-time and on my own resources for the past two years. Now, in order to get a full license for the development environment, release new versions (including the Linux and Mac builds) and continue working on it for one more year, I will be asking for your help and I will launch a crowdfunding campaign. I am currently preparing the campaign and the rewards will include complex 3D models with full video tutorials, two magazines on the art and ideas behind Neobarok (see pictures below), and a few surprises !

Here is a very rough schedule for the next 2-3 months:

  • Crowdfunding (Indiegogo): April 12 – May 20
  • Free release for Windows, Linux & Mac (date and details will come along the way).



On a technical note:

  • The next release comes with two interfaces: you can start in basic mode with a simplified interface, and as your grasp of the software and your modeling needs increase switch to the complete interface.
  • I have updated the way GIF animations work inside the software, I will show some nice “holograms” in a short presentation video I am planning to release in the upcoming days.
  • I have added some snap-to-grid options when drawing, which makes it easier to create precise objects, with perpendicular lines or particular angles. There will be quite a few more things to increase precision (snap to object features, snap to angle etc.).
  • Almost finished integrating a simple version of all BiTools (hydraulics, lightning, muscles…), a few more will be added, as well as some editing options.
  • Started a PBR framework for a simpler and more realistic approach to materials and lightning – this will take some time, probably fully functional by the end of the year.
  • I have the basic layout for the next big thing in Neobarok (along with Assembly and Sculpt this will complete my initial concept of this software). I will reveal it when the time is right…

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