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Fast Clay

GPU based sculpting works smoothly on meshes with millions of vertices.
A few more sculpting tools have been implemented:
– Inflate / Deflate
– Pinch / Grow
– Twist



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  • Implemented new curve sculpting tools: Plane Cut, Plane Clip, Point Insert and Erase Component/Patch used in Tubes and Extruders.
  • Fixed a bug related to Groups, introduced by the implementation of Arrays (which are a special kind of Group). With this, butterflies, which are simple Groups, can again be manipulated as a whole (if “Groups” button is ON), or as separate wings (if “Groups” is OFF).



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Future releases

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UPDATE 2016-01-22:

After a full month that started with Neobarok’s release and was followed by two updates, my limited Qt commercial license has expired (Qt is the environment in which Neobarok is being developed).

Since no updates can be posted online without a commercial license, I will now focus on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign aimed at purchasing a perpetual Qt license.

But things don’t stop here: in the meantime you can still freely download and use the beta version, new tutorials will be posted online, while I continue to work on Neobarok’s next release and show its progress !

The Linux and Mac native builds will have to wait, I will get back with information on how to run the Windows version on emulation under these OS.

Gyroscopic assembly

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Articulated and linked gyroscopic assembly.

Tutorial 1

January 16, 2016 § 2 Comments

Tutorial contains:
– simple creation methods
– Insert and Place primitives
– symmetry

All tutorials are HERE

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