Freehand, Linear and Bezier drawing

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Freehand, Linear and Bezier can be mixed in the drawing of Revolutons (here), Profiles, Tubes, Arrays (examples soon), rendering the creation of such objects very easy and fast (all models were created in under 5 min each).



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Segment freehand


Adding more precision for drawing tools: “segment” and “freehand” drawing can be mixed to alternate between hard and smooth surface. Here two tests on Revolutons.

Clay (fast)

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Fast GPU deformations on Clay (full-HD, real-time capture).
Object size: 3 million points
GPU: nVidia GTX 960

Bevel, Array, symmetry

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Testing Bevel (left) against Scale Extrude (right) applied on all patches of a mesh.

bullet array

Arrays are now fully integrated in the workflow (complete editing and load/save).
Bullet sculpted as a Revoluton.

sym test symmetry

Symmetry is now implemented for sculpting meshes: 6-Rotation (up) and Mirror (down) – these are the same symmetries that were already functional for assembling objects.

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